Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lost and Forgotten Skateboarding Pictures from last month

 Okay so this first picture is of Jarrett's Valentines Day gift to me.  A brand new skateboard!!!  This is my best (sad) attempt to look cool.  I love flannel.  I could live in flannel.  24/7.
I'm not your typical girl, wife, mom, woman.  I never have been.  I don't want flowers.  At least not in february when they will die.  Jarrett always apologizes for not being able to buy me flowers.  I say, look at our yard!!! I have so many flowers that you have bought me, plus a house with a huge yard to plant them in.

 It really was a nice warm day. Despite the snow in the corners of the parking lot

 Max is super good at going off curbs.  

 Still trying to perfect that ollie.

  I learned how to drop in and haven't stopped since.  I can drop in just about anywhere at the skatepark now!

  We all got safety gear.  That was a hefty sum.  Helmets, knee pad, elbow pads and wrist guards for all.

 We've all learned to grind on this baby rail on the ground that requires nothing more than lifting the nose up and going at a great speed.  You've got to start somewhere.