Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It has been a really long time since I've blogged.  Like almost a year.  With my kids getting older I've been able to start exercising back on a level that I used to before I had kids.    We got a pass to our local Rec center and I have started lifting heavy again and I love it!  I just have a few words to say about exercise and fitness.  There is no quick fix.  It take hard work and dedication.  For some reason I love being active.  I live a very active lifestyle, which allows me to eat whatever I want.  I don't constantly stuff my face with pizza and cookies but I don't eat salads and chicken every night either.   I don't feel the need to have a cheat meal because I have cheat meal at every meal every day.  I don't feel like I need to eat 18 cookies or half a cake because I have a slice of cake or 2 or 3 cookies after lunch and dinner.   I'm doing about 4+ hours of exercise a day.  Yes I have a fast metabolism but I've made it that way.  I've worked up to this level of activity.  Most of these are all fun things to me so none of it seems like work or working out.  Except cleaning the house.  That is not fun at all but it too must be done.  Just to show you what my week looks like here is an example of a normal week activity wise:

Monday:  Wake up a 7am and go to the skatepark with Max for an hour
                 Walk the kids to school at 9:00 (half mile each way)
                 do 30 minutes of weight lifting at home (mostly dumbells and ab work)
                 Mow my mom's lawn
                 Mow our lawn
                 clean bathroom, mop floor, change sheets, wash towels
                 walk to pick up kids from school at 3
                 Go to the skate park with Max for another 2 hours
                 Go to the Rec Center with my hubby to lift weights for an hour to hour and a half

Tueday:  Wake up at 7 and go to skatepark with Max for an hour
                Walk kids to school
                wash and fold all the clothes and sheets and towels
                Go for 16-30 mile bike ride
                Walk to pick kids up from school
                skate with max for 2 hours
                one hour of Muay Tai with the family

Wednesday:  Wake up at 7 and skate with max
                      walk kids to school
                      Go grocery shopping
                      do 30 minutes of weight lifting at home
                     walk to pick up kids
                     skate with max for 2 hours
                     Lift weights at the Rec for ann hour or so

Thurday:  Wake up and skate with max for an hour
                 walk kids to school
                 bike ride 16 miles to 30 miles depending how I feel
                 Yard work like weeding or pruning maybe an hour
                 walk to pick up kids
                 skate with max for a couple hours

Friday:  Wake up and skate with max for an hour
              walk kids to school
              30 minutes of weights at home
              Yard work maybe an hour
              walk to pick up kids
              skate with max for a couple hours
             1- 1 1/2 hours of heavy lifting at the Rec

Saturday:  Skating with family for 2-3 hours
                 Hiking anywhere from 5 to 12 miles

Sunday: Rest day but we often will ride our bikes over to my mom's (2 miles at a slow pace with the                  

Even with all this I feel like I sit around too much.  There is still a lot of down time.  I try and clean up the kitchen and pick up the house in between all this too.  Exercising has given me a lot of energy and I also don't have little babies any more that keep me up all night.  I didn't always do all this.  Heaven knows when my kids were small just getting my 30 -45 minutes a day in was tough.  Don't give up.  It will be worth it!