Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a beautiful day for swimming.?

It was a beautiful day for trying out Max's new Sprinkler Ball he got for Easter.  It was close to 70 degrees...that's warm, right?  At least for here and now it is.
Max originally wanted to wait for Lilly to get home from school to play in the water.  But then he decided he didn't want to wait so he had some "pre-Lilly" fun.

Then he played again when Lilly got home.  
 For some reason sticking your head over one the spray out parts was the favorite thing to do.

I LOVE Max's face in this one.

Neighbors dog watching us.   Not that I mind so much.  He's a really nice dog who NEVER and I mean NEVER barks.  But still, It would be nice to not have to watch him and his "dog habits."

By four o'clock, which is when they were swimming, it was getting a little colder and windy so swimming didn't last long.

I love this one.  They are such good friends.  And when they aren't pestering each other, they really do get along well, despite being three years apart.  If Max wasn't shorter, you almost couldn't tell who was who.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jarrett's shirt

Started this shirt a year ago and thanks to my Mom who helped me figure out the buttonhole instructions in the manual for my sewing machine (they were awful by the way) I finished his shirt not more than 10 minutes ago!  Too bad I didn't finish it before Easter.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

The weekend fun began with Jarrett's parents, brother and little adopted sister (who is almost exactly 1 year younger than Lilly).  She's a sweet little girl and her and Lilly always get along really well.  Saturday morning we went to the city Easter Egg Hunt.  Notice the matching jackets Jarrett's mom got them?  They also have almost identical hair lines.

Waiting in line to go into the stadium to get the eggs.  They always hand out lots of free stuff.

 Build a bear was even there.

Those bags they are holding were also free.  This year we decided to have Max stay with Lilly and his cousin (who is really his aunt because she is Jarrett's sister).  He was so impatient to get the eggs and then when they said "go" he just stood there and then started crying.?

After the egg hunt we headed over to IHOP for breakfast (or second breakfast for some like me who can't NOT eat first thing in the morning)  I think my stomach would eat itself if I waited until 10:30 to eat breakfast.
Notice Max sitting with his uncle Jimmy.  He loves him!  He also loves his bunny ears.  which he would not take off.

Lilly and friend working hard on their puzzles and Max hanging on Jimmy's every word.  He wasn't even talking to Max, he was on the phone. Ha Ha!

Here he is listening intently to what uncle Jimmy is saying.

They left to go visit the rest of Jarrett's family down in St. George around 2:00 on Saturday afternoon.

Before I knew that Jarrett's family was coming up, I had arranged to have my whole family come over and have pizzas and dye Easter Eggs.  We had homemade pepperoni and Chicken BBQ pizza (Thank you Chelsea for the delicious recipe:)

Here's one of my sisters little boys.  He's so cute!

Here's  my Mom with the newest member of my sisters family.   He's 3 weeks old.  He's such a good baby.

Easter morning, included searching for the eggs the Easte bunny hid, as well as the baskets.

           Max and I look great don't we?  Mismatched clothes and morning hair:)

Love Max's face, mine..........not so much.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Outfits

It's finally time to show you all the outfits I designed.   I made two dresses, a pair of slacks and a bow tie.  So without further ado: