Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Recent Up cycles

 First I made Max a pair of pants out of a pair of Jarrett's old cords. ...using the existing fly and buttons and pockets.  I also reinforced the knees with two layers of  the original pants.  (I've learned my lesson there)

  I have yet to hem the bottoms.
I'm waiting for fall and I know how much he's grown.
Last year we bought max and Lilly some pants in summer (for the fall) and then come fall, they didn't fit in the legs.  Too short.  Even though I thought we bought them plenty long enough.

Then I made Lilly a shirt out of one of Jarrett's old shirts.  She loves it and wore it last weekend, Friday through Monday.  She tried to wear it again on Tuesday, but I said enough is enough.  It needs to be washed.

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