Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lilly piano

So Lilly has wanted to learn to play the piano since she was probably 3.  We have an older lady who lives kitty (spelling?) corner to us who teachers piano but doesn't take students under the age of 8.  So I've always just told Lilly than when she turned 8 she could take lessons.
 Then she turned 8 and well it never happened and never happened and then I figured she forgot about it.
A new lady moved into the ward a little over a year ago and she is the pianist in Primary.  One day out of the blue she announced in Primary that she taught lessons.  So we arranged for Lilly to take lessons.
I'll admit it's been a struggle.  At first we let her practice on her own.  But I'll bet you can guess how well that went.  So we've added piano into her nightly routine and she has really started progressing.  She's taken lessons since January and she is already almost at level 2.  She is getting better and better at sight reading and she has memorized where all the keys on the piano are.
We don't have a piano.
She has used a smallish keyboard that she got for Christmas a few years ago.
Until she started playing songs that required her to press more than one key at a time.
The keyboard wouldn't do that.
So after she finished her first piano book we bought her a new full key size keyboard from the Distribution Center.  Not Deseret Industries but the place you get garments and temple clothes.

He he Jarrett's photo app.

Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she hates it.  But I guess we will continue until she can sight read very well.  
This way if she ever wants to play another instrument or be in a band the opportunity will be wide open for her. 

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