Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Birthday

 So for my birthday all i wanted to do was go the Sandy skatepark and hike to Cecret lake with my family.  We skated all morning and then it started raining as we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Luckily we all brought raincoats because rain was on the forecast.  I've always wanted a stormy birthday and I got one.  It poured until we started hiking and then stopped while we hiked!  It was perfect.  These pictures are all mixed up and not in order and we also hike to Lisa Falls.  a short .25 mile hike.

A big ol' cloud rolled in while we were at the lake and it was awesome being engulfed in a cloud on top of the mountain.

This one is Lisa Falls

Lisa Falls

After dinner ( Rumbi Island Grill) we went over to my moms for cake and ice cream

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