Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking Back

Since nothing really very exciting happens in my life very often, I get stuck writing posts about Dentist visits, food I've baked and rooms I've cleaned. But today, I thought I'd post some old pictures like of Lilly's birthday (since this blog wasn't even thought of when it was her birthday.
Here's her cake, that she decorated herself. She wasn't very happy when we realized that we'd forgotten to put the collar (with heart jewel) on the cat. It looks like it's running because it wouldn't fit in my fridge with the legs down.

 I'm not sure what half the people are doing in this picture.

Here is cute little Max. He's probably 3 months old!
 They are both sooooo little!

Look at those chubby legs and cheeks!

Jarrett and the kids!
 Lilly in the hospital at 18 months, with Pneumonia! She looks sooooo sad!  It was sooooo sad!

Here we are at Uncle Jon and Carols cabin (house) in 2004! Lilly is about 2 and half, I'm 7 months pregnant with Max, Shaunie and Jake aren't even married yet (and no William) and Amelia is blonde!!!!

Lastly I had to put this! This is recent. Can you see what it is! If you guessed it's our hardwood floor your right!  About a month ago Max kept pointing to the floor in the living room and saying "ha ha". Which for those of you who don't know, is how he says dog.. Now can you see it? I thought it was so cute that I took a picture of it!

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  1. Beautiful family! Love to hear what you've been doing.