Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To The Dentist We Go

Since Max will be 3 in about 2 weeks, we thought it was high time, he saw the Dentist.   We, (Max and I) showed up at 11:00 on the dot. We had a short wait in the waiting room, where Max helped himself to some goldfish crackers. When they took him back, I got to sit in the "Zen Room" while I waited for him. I  got to sit in their awesome massage chair in a cool dark room, drink cold water, eat snacks and watch something on television that didn't involve cartoon characters. It was heaven.
Happy Boy!!!
45 minutes later, they came to get me and I was brought to a happy boy. They told me he did awesome! Even let them take his X-rays! We left with a bag full of  dentistry goodies (toothbrush, floss, toys from the toy chest) a blue balloon, and snacks and drinks for the road. The best part of all NO CAVITIES!
see how happy he is!!!


  1. What a cute boy! I'm excited you're blogging now. It's fun. It's better than scrapbooking which I'm not a fan of!

  2. That is way cute. Boy things have changed since you guys were little. We "got" to sit and endear it all and we got to watch cartoons!!!!