Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a good Christmas again this year!!!

Max got his talking Rigby 

My Mom and sister came over a little later in the day to see what we got for Christmas.

Max got an RC car, Gotham City Jail, Chainsaw, a few books, some Monster trucks, a Firework Gun, flashlight, grenades, calendar, talking Rigby Doll, skateboard and Monster truck bone yard set.

Lilly got a Microscope, extra slides and a bug collection to look at under microscope, lots of books, Emily the strange belt and chapstick compact, skateboard, calendar, flashlight, Hunger games trunk, patch, and notebook and Magic 8 ball.

I got some new custard dishes, heat resistant spatula and 2 new workout videos, new snow boots and gloves.

Jarrett got a Moredcai figure to put on his desk at work and a HUGE box of chocolate covered cherries.

Jarrett and I both got snow pants and The Walking Dead Compendium 2.

The Family got Diary of Wimpy Kid 3 and Paranorman on Blueray.
We had a good Christmas.

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