Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More May Randomness

Lilly's cinco de Mayo picture she brought home from school. 
I love it! 

 Jarrett took this picture after church was over and they were waiting for people to stop talking to me and telling me their problems.  Just kidding.  Kind of.
Anyways I think its a cute picture.

 This was Mother's Day lunch at my Mom's house.
All the grandkids.
No one is even crying yet!

 Max and Grandpa.  

 Lilly and Ya-Ya!

 Self explanatory

 Lilly showing Grandma her piano skills.  

 My cousin Eric came out for a visit

 Found some books Max is interested in that aren't Halloween.  Not there is anything wrong with Halloween.  Trust me, I of all people LOVE Halloween, but he has not wanted ANY and I mean ANY books from the Library unless they are about Halloween.  Skateboarding.  That mixes things up.  Sad thing is these books shown here are the only ones about skateboarding.
This is going to old really fast.

At The Chocolate

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