Friday, November 29, 2013

Camping With Jordan and Sara

 We decided to camping again the following weekend and so we bought our frog 4 crickets and he ate all of them and got a  huge tummy!  (He waited until we got home and then escaped that night)

We drove to the uintahs and had to drive up a lot further to find a good spot that wasn't already taken (People getting firewood like crazy this time of year)
We arrived just as the sun was setting and barely got our tents put up before it was completely dark.

Sunrise in the Mountains can't be beat!


After Breakfast we headed off to do some hiking

And get some awesome pictures

After we explored around our campsite a bit, we cleaned up camp, put away our tents and all climbed into the truck to go scout out some cool future campsites.

We found us a cowboy 
Complete with cows and dog

We also found a bunch of puddles and cool lake with a salamander

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