Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Look at this handsome kid!!!

Max was a little unsure of everything
 Checking to make sure his hand sanitizer was still intact

 Getting his name tag

Bye Mom!!! 

Back when we found out that Max couldn't hear and needed lots of speech therapy, I was terrified for this day.  Even a year ago when his speech was still not what it needed to be, I was terrified for this day.  Terrified that he wouldn't have friends because he couldn't talk, terrified that he wouldn't be understood, terrified for so many reasons.  I am so glad that he missed the deadline and stayed  home an extra year!!!! Skateboarding also played a HUGE part in him breaking out of his shell.

He took his teachers hand and walked in.
And when I picked him up, he couldn't stop talking about how fun school was!  I love it mom,  I didn't know it was going to be so fun!!!  Can I go all day?

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