Monday, October 15, 2012

Astronauts Lost in Space

My family (sisters and families and Mom and I) have decided to get to together on sunday's and make movies.  The first week we will film the movie and then my husband will edit and put it together during the week and then the following Sunday we will get to together and watch it and make it a movie night.
The movie I am showing today was the one we watched last night.
I got the idea from a (true i might add) story my husband told me about an astronaut who almost floated away from the hub in space and I got to thinking about freaky it would be to have that happen and not grab hold of a pole at the last minute and just be floating around in space alone until your air runs out.
That is the story line for this movie.


We won't have another movie until December 10th.  We are doing something special.
December 10th is my Dad's birthday and we have an awesome idea inspired by my daughter's "invention" for the movie!!!!!

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  1. Ah! This is such a cute idea! Loved the movie. Can't wait to see more.