Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Cleanse

So I started out the day by running.  I'm training for the THE ZOMBIE CHASE.   It's a 5K.  I hate running.  With a passion.  But running through a haunted house/obstacle course might just be worth it.  I'm up to running 2 and a quarter miles.  I'm almost there!
Then we went to Costco and Target and picked up a few things we would need over the weekend and then headed home for lunch, mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard.
The lawn got mowed and we had every intention of separating bulbs and pulling weeds, but a quick trip into the garage to grab another garbage sack quickly side tracked me.
We ended up completely cleaning out the garage, getting rid of 4 large Rubbermaids full of little kid clothes and finally setting up the teeter totter that goes along with the swing set we bought 6 years ago.
Lilly was an only child and 2 years old when we bought the swing set and we've just never put it together.  Today was the day!!!! The kids played on it for 2 hours straight and then another hour after dinner.
I love just knowing that the garage is cleaned up enough to pull our car into now.  It felt so good to get rid of all that stuff!!  We donated it to D.I.  so hopefully some children somewhere can use those 4 large Rubbermaids of clothes.
One thing living in a small house has taught me is to constantly get rid of the stuff we don't need or use.    I'm amazed at the amount of crap I accumulated when we lived in much larger places.  Although there are times when I feel our house is much too small, It is enough and we are grateful we have it!

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