Saturday, October 13, 2012

School Carnival

For some odd reason (maybe for money) Lilly's school had a Fall Carnival.  That or maybe I've just never paid any attention and they have always had one???
Anyways here are a couple cute pictures Jarrett took with his phone.

Aren't these two so cute??
I hope they always stay good friends.
You'd never know they are 3 years apart.
One of these days real soon Max is going to pass Lilly up in height.

Jarrett has a knack for catching the kids with awesome faces.
When I take photos of them on something they should be excited about, they look like they are having the worst time of their life.

Lilly "Ooooooo, I just found a ticket."

My children are monkeys.  
They have been since they could walk
at 8 months....if that tells you anything.
I see all these kids struggling to climb these things and my kids are up and down the other side and through the thing a second or third time before some kids have made it up once.
Maybe they will be in the circus.

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