Friday, November 2, 2012


Max is always saying funny things and I always forget to write them down.  Lilly though, was by far the funniest.  I wish I had written down some of her funny things.  I think it was because she talked so well so early.  I'm talking full sentences by the time she was 2.   She's always been a talker I guess.  But I'm just going put a few things here that he said yesterday and maybe some others that I can think of.  Part of his funniness comes from the fact that he can read (short words without blends and sight words).

Yesterday Max was looking through his Halloween candy when he said "Milky Dudes"  what the heck??

Also yesterday, he was opening a piece of peppermint hard candy that the wrapper was really stuck to. I said to him "looks like that candy is kind of old"  after a few more minutes of trying to open it Max said mostly to himself  "People shouldn't give out old candy to kids because they get can't open it."

While playing Monster Jam Wii with Max he often talks to me about random things.  A few days ago he said "I really like my body, do you like my body??"  I replied "well of course I do" while thinking that was a weird question for a 5 year old boy to ask.   After a few minutes I realized that he had meant the "body" of the monster truck he was playing with.

He also always comments about things when I'm reading to him.  One story in particular is a scary story about a girl who always wears a green ribbon around her neck, she meets a boy and they get married all the while he keeps asking her why she wears the ribbon.  (If you hadn't guessed it's because its holding her head on) At one point when the boy asks the girl why she wears it she replies "It's not important." One day after we had  read the book several other times, Max blurted out "But it is important!"

In another book,  Arthurs Halloween Costume (the books about the monkey not the TV show)  Arthur can't find a Halloween costume and says something like "I can't find anything wear"to which another character says "Just find something to make one" Arthur replies "I don't have anything to make one"  Mx again blurted out in a most annoyed voice I might add, "Just ask your MOM!!!"  I laughed so hard.

Max asked me what Bombastic meant.??  I had to look it up to be sure I gave him the right answer.

When we were at my Mom's last Sunday all the kids were downstairs and after a while we kept hearing a pounding sound so I went down to check it out.  Lilly and William (4) were laying on the couch together watching Hocus Pocus, Jeffrey (1 and a half maybe???? 17 months) was trying to pull movies out of the cupboard and my sisters weights off the top of the cupboard and Max was running around trying to keep him out of everything.  When I came down Max said "jeffrey keeps getting into everything" It was so cute that Max was so worried about it.

Max doesn't like to have sticky fingers or face.  When he was at a birthday party he refused to have any cupcakes.  After we left,  I asked him why he didn't want one he said "That's because I saw all those kids with frosting all over their faces and hands"  Where did this kid come from???

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