Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reflections Contest Winner

 About 3 weeks after Lilly turned in her reflections submission (HERE) She came home from school with a generic invitation to come to the school Thursday night at 7 for an awards ceremony.
The year she won, they called us and told us she had done so.  So I assumed she hadn't won anything.
We arrived at the school and went to look at the display of pictures and drawings.
Lilly's wasn't there.
She was starting to a get a little worried and they were about to start, so we had no time to ask why her picture wasn't there.
Once we sat down I noticed her picture up by the table, sticking out of a rubbermaid container.
They announced her name first as not only first place in her age category, but first place overall in show!!!
Her best friend Kodie who also entered (and helped push Lilly to enter I might add) didn't submit any paperwork and consequently didn't win a place.
She was a little let down but was a good friend and congratulated Lilly many times.
I took this photo of them both and somehow cut out Kodie's ribbon.

Lilly's picture moves on to the District level.
We were told that they might not accept her painting the way it's matted. (The real way I might add)
They said they would double check, but the PTA lady said she thought the picture had to be glued to a piece of matte board.  
So you want us to ruin it, is what you are saying.
First of all it isn't a piece of paper, it's nice Watercolor paper and unless we use superglue or rubber cement , it isn't going to stay glued to a piece of matte board, which will buckle when it get as wet as it will need to be to have a piece of watercolor paper glued to it.
Thus making it so it can never be matted the right way again or hung.
Not sure what to do if this is the case.
She doesn't want her piece ruined and we've already spent money on the nice  (correct) matte form.
I read all the instructions and I didn't see anything about ruining glueing your work.
If this is the way it is supposed to be, why wasn't it put on the form?
Anyways enough about that.

We are proud of Lilly and the work she did. 
Proud of her for sticking to her idea (even though Mom though she should do something else.)
She's pretty headstrong. (I wonder where she gets it?)


  1. Way to go Lilly!! That's a great achievement!

    And I'm with you on the rules of how the pictures should be matted! It needs to be mentioned on the paper if they want it a specific way. Good luck with the District level of the contest!!

  2. YAY! How exciting. Leave it to school to ruin it for ya! :)