Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zombie chase 5k

The race was fun.  It was warm and I was ready.  We got our numbers the day before and the address to the race which they kept a secret was given out about a week before.  They did however mention that is was going to be on the outskirts of Springville.
We were down in Provo helping my grandparents on the Saturday before the race.  We had received the official address , so we entered in the address on Google Maps and we drove to the site and it was at a cemetery and closer to opposite end of the "outskirts"  we were thinking.  It was at a cemetery though  (which is what they had vaguely mentioned) so we thought "Awesome" and didn't think of it anymore.
The night before the race we decided to take my sister (who was also running the race) to go see the site.  This time we decided to follow the freeway instructions since that's the way we would be going on race day.  
We ended up out by the lake.
Nowhere near a cemetery.
Or the previous address we went to.
Apparently the address that ended up by the cemetery was Mapleton.  
What are the chances that the exact address in the next town over was a cemetery?????
Needless to say, we were glad we had figured it out before race day.

Like I said before, most of my pictures didn't get imported before I erased them so these two crappy "Instagram" photo's are the only ones I've got.

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