Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day After Christmas

 I've never been the the type of person who has my kids open a present on Christmas Eve...but Jarrett and I got the kids some (much needed) pajamas for Christmas, and since I didn't want "Christmas morning" pictures in old, ratty, too small jammies, we decided to let them open this one present on Christmas Eve.
Lilly looks pretty excited until....

She sees the box her jammies are wrapped in... Crackers.   But...

once she realizes it's not crackers inside she's happy again.

 The kids went to bed after reading our traditional, Twas the Night Before Christmas story.  Lilly only woke up 4 times to ask if she could open presents and Max only once.  Thank You Jarrett for taking care of that.
Santa got smart this year and put wrapping paper across the doorway.

Lilly trying to peek.

The newest book in Lilly's favorite series.

Bigfoot was a hit, but his favorite was, and still is, the Batman House in the background.

Lilly got a big art box full of art supplies and Max got a sketch book.  The kids wasted no time getting started.

Max also got a Monster Jam Wii game

Play dough was also a hit

Mouse trap

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