Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Visit...very quick

 Yesterday, about 3.5 seconds after we shut the door, after coming home from tithing settlement, we got a knock at the door.  Jarrett's sister Janelle and her husband and little boy were here.  They were on their way back to St. George and stopped to give us a Christmas present. (how nice!)  They stayed just long enough for Lilly and Max to wear their poor little dog out by chasing it non stop from the time they got here until they left.  We got a couple pictures and they were on their way.  I love this first picture of Samuel and Lilly looking at each other.  Don't Max and Sam look like they could be brothers?
Despite being the 12th of December it was 53 degrees yesterday!  Quite nice!  Weird...but nice to be able to enjoy some warmer weather.

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