Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dark Knight's

Since this is my second post (and costume addition) about Batman, I thought The Dark Knight's was a fitting title.  I think these capes and bat hats are my best invention yet!  Max has worn his from the time he woke up this morning and it's now 4:30pm.
Lunchtime for Batman

 I got the idea for these hats and capes from some cartoon BatmanValentines that I had as a child. (Lilly somehow scavenged them from who knows where).  You know, the ones where Batman is blue and black.?? Yes? Anyone remember this?  Is anyone reading this?  Anyways, I used two flat bedsheets, one blue and one black and just made up a pattern by taking two measurements. One around the kids necks, and  the second their height.
I used one blue and one black for the two tone (reversible) effect. I scalloped the edges like the cartoon, and voila! Bat Capes!
P.S. Do NOT use self sticking Velcro. It can NOT be machine sewn. (It ruins the needle with gunk.) Then you have to hand sew the velcro on and because of the gooey sticky stuff that doesn't stick to the fabric, just to the needle and your fingers it takes FOR- EV -ER!  Just sayin'.

If you look REALLY, REALLY closely on your right hand side of Lilly's cape, you can see a little heart embroidered on.  Anyone with kids knows you can't NOT be able to tell who's is who's.
Stay tuned for part three The Dark Knight Rises.  Which will include belts and gloves.

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  1. Cute! They will be playing with these for a long, long time!