Friday, November 18, 2011

Felt Feathers for Thanksgiving

Here is how I made the felt feather for Lilly's NATIVE AMERICAN HEADBAND.

You'll need need a pipe cleaner and 2 different colors of felt.  I cut my pipe cleaner in half.  My feather measures 6 inches.

1) First cut out 2 pieces of felt in any color in a feather shape.

2) Cut notches into the sides
3) Fold in half lengthwise and cut 4 small slits. (To thread the pipe cleaner through)

4)  Thread the pipe cleaner through, leaving enough at the bottom of the feather to tuck into the head band.  Start at the bottom from underneath the feather and go up, then down and then up and then down, ending on the underneath side.

5) Use a hot glue gun and glue the second smaller piece of felt on top of the pipe cleaner that is threaded through the bigger piece of felt.  You're all done!

Tuck it into a head band made from 3 scraps of fabric braided together.
I had to bribe Max with candy to get him to let me take pictures of him....and he still made a nasty face.  Oh well.

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