Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner Indian

Lilly has talked about her class Thanksgiving Dinner for  weeks now.  They've made decorations, sewn a tablecloth and the lunch ladies are providing some food and IT'S TODAY!
This morning, 15 minutes before school, Lilly informed me that she needed  (wanted) to dress up.  Half the class was being Pilgrims and half the class is being Indians. She chose to be an "Indian", Native American to be correct. I told her that since she IS Native American (half Navajo) that she should just wear her regular clothes and tell everyone that "this is how Natives dress."  As you could probably guess, that didn't go over well, so we scoured her closet looking for the most "Native American" looking clothes we could find.  (Too bad she doesn't have that velvet shirt anymore).  An embroidered shirt and vest was the best we could do.  We braided her hair and I used a necklace I made out of braided strips of fabric for the headband and whipped up a feather really quick with pipe cleaner woven in and out of felt and stuck down in the headband.

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