Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts for The Week

 November 5th-
*Why would you want a re-usable swiffer cloth?  Isn't that the point of the swiffer?  Just throw it away.
*OUR BEST BITES Pumpkin Pie Milk shakes are the bomb!
* Heard Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" and it made me miss my Dad more than usual.
* We bought The Wizard of Oz and a bunch of Halloween costumes for super cheap for the kids to use for dress ups.  Also got a bunch of fabric at the D.I.  can't wait to make some fun stuff!
* Ate another Pumpkin pie shake.

November 6th
*Having an extra hour before church has been nice *****Daylight Savings*****!!!!  The kids didn't sleep in but having a little extra time has really been nice!

November 9th
* Had an emotional night and morning.  Couldn't sleep.  Too much on my mind.  I was crying most of the morning and sweet little Max came and sat on my lap and wrapped his little arms around me and said "I love you Mommy, be happy, I don't like it when you drip." ha ha! Then Lilly joined us and she was hugging me too.  I have been blessed with very sweet kids!
* I can't be, or feel responsible for anyone else's descisions or actions.  I may be affected by them, but I can't carry that weight around with me.
*  The quickest way to make a bunch of enemies is to get a leadership calling.

November 14th
*A lot has changed in a week.  Feeling much better about things. Today will be busy, busy, busy.  It's cleaning day!  p.s. What i really need to do is have a de-junking day. oh and those Pumpkin Milkshakes are still to die for.  We've eaten almost a gallon and a half of ice cream in the last week.


  1. That pumpkin pie shake sounds amazing!!

    You are completely right about the quickest way to make enemies is getting a leadership calling. Just know that you're not alone with the enemy making since your counselors and the bishopric are involved with the decision of who gets what calling. ;D