Saturday, November 5, 2011

Max's Bat Friend

For quite some time, Max has asked for a pet bat.  A real one....ummmmmmmmm no.  Sorry.  So I told him I would make him one.  Out of cloth.
I drew up a pattern, cut it out of an old t-shirt, sewed it up and added a string on the back ( for flying of course) and used embroidery floss for his mouth and googley eyes from a birthday card.

He also does this a lot with his "pet" bat and when he is dressed up like Batman.  Makes a "bat shadow"  

To say he loves it, is an understatement.  When I went down to check on him before I went to bed, I found him with his bat in his hands.


  1. Awesome work!
    I'd love to have a pet bat too, but one made of plush would be nice as well...

    // -T.W-