Friday, February 24, 2012

Lilly's Mix CD

 Lilly's first Mix CD.   She asked her Daddy to make it for her.  She chose out all the songs herself.  While most kids her age are listening to Hannah Montana, Lady Gaga, and Justin Beiber, Lilly can't stand it.  I'm quite proud.
I've never prohibited her from listening to any kind of music or said anything about the formerly mention artists.  (None of whom I care for.)  She decided what she likes, all on her own.  Of course she's listened to Punk Rock/Classic Rock/Indie Music since she was born so that obviously swayed her in the "right" direction to begin with, but I'm just happy she likes the same kid of music as us (for now).
I pulled out my old discman and Lilly thought it was the coolest thing ever!  She listens to her CD almost every day.  The earbud earphones are too big for her little ears ( like her mother.  I can't fit them in my ears).  So she had to keep holding them up to her ears.

 So we pulled out Jarrett's video game earphones and the work pretty well!

She reminds me of Riff Randell from Rock 'n' Roll High School with those big earphones on.

Keep Rocking Lilly and listening to good music.  Always!

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