Sunday, February 12, 2012

Warm February

So it has been close to 60 degrees here.  In February.  Weird.  We usually have 3 feet of snow, with more on the way.  Such a strange winter this year.  The kids played outside most of the day while Jarrett fixed bikes and most of the week really, while I've cleaned up the yard and got planting bed ready for the perennials that have already started sprouting.  The kids were pretending they were acrobats and had on their "acrobat" clothes.

Max reminds me of Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins in this photo.  I think it's the neck.  I guess boys have bigger necks than girls, even when they are little.  Look at Lilly's neck compared to Max's.  Ha Ha!

Once again, I forgot to do Lilly's hair .  Why do I always do photo shoots on the days I don't do her hair?

On a side note, this girl has some serious arm muscle!  You should see her work the monkey bars!  She whips across and back in seconds flat, putting all the boys to shame.  And she told me she is that she is the most popular girl in her class now because she climbed up into swing (that some teenagers I'm sure) that had been thrown up over the top of the swing set a few times, and was up about 3 feet off the ground and that no one could get into, "not even the big kids" Lilly says.
The (poor) girl who lost her popularity to Lilly's acrobat abilities, had gained hers by making a paper chain at Christmas time that was "like 300 feet long" says Lilly. Funny what kids think is cool.  If only it was so simple in High School!  
Also Lilly's faded tattoo on her arm!  Makes it look like she did time somewhere back in the day, and it needs to get re-inked. She said no tattoos are allowed in school.  (After, I might add, I put it on.)  She was careful to wear only long sleeves last week.  (She hates long sleeves.  Always has.)  One day she forgot though and "everybody saw it."  But no one told on her because it was "the coolest tattoo anyone had EVER seen."

Max wouldn't cooperate yesterday (to get his picture taken.  No Surprise there.) and I had to practically hold him down for the one I did take.  But last night he came down with fever and nasty cough which is still present this morning.  He was patiently waiting for me to finish up on the computer so I could turn on his Monster Jam Wii game for him.  So  I snapped this darling picture of him.

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