Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boys Day Out

Jarrett and Max went to the Monster Jam on Saturday.  They went LAST YEAR and sat really close, but Max didn't like sitting so close because he got "stuff" in his eyes and kept them closed the last part of the show, so we happily paid less money and they sat further back.

They had a good time, but since they went to the 2pm show, and there was one more show (@7 or 8pm) the trucks were "careful" and didn't break any tires off or crash.  Bummer for Max, since that's his favorite part.  Next year he will probably be old enough to make it to the later show (or maybe go to Las Vegas for the World Finals?????)  We will see what next year brings.
The boys stopped at In-N-Out for Dinner 

 And Max was one hungry boy.  He ate his entire HUGE cheeseburger, plus drink and fries.  

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