Monday, February 6, 2012


It's been pretty quiet around here on the blog front.  It's my month for sharing time in Primary (Which is my  CHURCH's Children's Sunday School time) so every waking moment is consumed by planning that, in addition to the CTR (Choose The Right, which is our theme for the year) capes I volunteered to make for all the kids for their birthday gifts this year and everything else that comes along with being Primary President.  If I haven't mentioned it before ALL PRIMARY PRESIDENTS (PREVIOUS, PRESENT AND YET TO COME) HAVE MY UNDYING RESPECT AND ADMIRATION.)

I made blue capes for boys and red for girls the idea behind it is "scripture superheroes"

Flannel (felt) board pictures for Sunday that I drew up and need to cut out and get "felted." The guy with his head on the ground below his feet, is not John who was beheaded, but an "extra" sack puppet.  Just in case you  were  wondering.

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