Friday, June 8, 2012

Awards Ceremony

 At Lilly's Awards Ceremony they recited poems in groups.
 Then another one as a class

Then the awards Lilly got "best writer" although Lilly's teacher said "I just want to say something about Lilly, this girl can read like you wouldn't believe, she just flies through books like they're nothing, but since reading and writing go hand in hand, I gave Lilly the best writer award."
She looks thrilled doesn't she.

Then they had a short slide show and then refreshments and pictures.
Lilly's teacher's name was Miss Cox.  She was a fantastic teacher and Lilly loved her as did I.  She was really good for Lilly.  For understanding and the first teacher who didn't require Lilly to fill out daily "Behavior charts."  She really "got" kids. I hope next year Lilly fares as well.

Lilly's cubby.  When I asked her what she wanted to have a picture of, she replied "my cubby."

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