Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summerfest 2012

Our city has a Summerfest event every year during the first weekend in June.  This year was no exception.  I LOVED coming to this Carnival when I was a little girl.  We've always taken our kids on a Friday night and it's always packed with people and I hate it.  This year, with us having our Pass of All Passes we decided not to go to the carnival.
 It just so happened that my Mom was in the ROAD RESPECT ride again this year.  (click the link if you want to know what that is. )  One of their stops just happened to be at the park on Friday at 10:30 am to do a rally.   It is also the first day of Summerfest.  My Mom wanted my sister and I and our kids to meet her there and bring lunches and eat all together in the park.  So we did and the kids played at the playground and watched this guy juggling.

Then I started noticing that the carnival rides were starting to run and the ticket booth was open.  I didn't think they opened so early.  My sister and I decided to go buy some tickets and ride some rides just because there was nobody there.
So for almost 2 hours we had the carnival almost completely to ourselves.  We didn't have to wait one time.  Not one!  Not even for the Ferris Wheel which usually has a horrendous line.  We were the only people on most of the rides!  Here are some photo collages of our time there.

See nobody here!

Saturday evening Summerfest ended with Fireworks as usual!  And for the first time in our children's lives we attended.  There was no baby or small child who needed to get to bed, although we had to keep Max awake.

A fun time was had by all!

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