Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

Jarrett had the day off work today, so as soon as Lilly got home from school, we drove up to Salt Lake (after making a quick stop at Walmart to get Max some thicker gloves).  We parked in the under ground parking below Deseret Bookstore. (Max wasn't too sure about that, and kept asking me to carry him and if we could go home.  Let's face it those underground parking garages are pretty scary with those weird florescent lights and everything echoing.)  We rode the elevator up, and when we reached the Bookstore Lilly said "Wow, this is a magical place."  Well to make a long story short, we WEREN'T, were we thought we were, (which was the Mall , so we could eat dinner), and ended up walking FOREVER in the freezing cold and finally saw a Subway, and decided to eat there. We grossly under estimated Max's ability to eat and he finished his half of the 6 inch sandwich in second flat.  Maybe I'm just not used to a little boys eating capabilities, (what with Lilly's bird appetite) but that boy can EAT! and EAT! and EAT! He could have probably finished off a combo meal by himself and he's only just barely 3 years old!
Anyways, after eating we went and looked at the lights, and the temple, and the visiter center, and the old tabernacle.  It was really cold and I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ( thank you Lilly for pointy that out, numerous times) in all the pictures.
Max fell asleep in the car, on the way up.

Interesting fact I learned while at the visitors center.  It usually took 4 DAYS to get one block of granite from the quarry to the Temple site!  Can you imagine! Wow!


  1. Looks cold! I miss Temple Square! Such pretty pictures. They could be postcards.

  2. Good thing your pictures are small so that those of us who read your blog can't see that rudolph nose of yours! ;D Abbie brought to my attention the fact that D and I have never taken our kids to see the lights so we'll have to do that soon. The lights at Temple Square are always so pretty!

  3. Click on the picture of the kids and I, with the temple in the background and you'll see Rudolph!