Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homemade Black Jeans

 I am quite proud of these pants that I made for Max.  I found  2 yards of this awesome fabric at a local thrift store (D. I.) for cheap cheap cheap! I did lots of top stitching which makes the pants look more professional (I think).

 Here is my little model, fresh outta the shower.
 I had to put this picture in. Ha Ha!  This is how 90% of the pictures I take of him, turn out.  It's his "Punk Rock"  face! Ha ha!  what makes it even better is he does it all on his own.
I've still got quite a bit of material left over, I might make him a vest to go with the pants, to wear to church.  That or a skirt for Lilly, or me, we'll see.


  1. Nice design. Thanks for showing how you created these jeans for your boy. They seem to emulate a brand-name style.