Sunday, December 18, 2011

Must have the Andrews Curse

So we have this running joke on my side of the family that we have "The Andrews Curse" We all seem to have unbelievably bad luck.  Always stuck in the line at the store that has problems, odd ball things that would be a one a million chance of happening to someone seem to happen to us daily.  We joke, but it really does get obnoxious.  Maybe I'm just a pessimist and since I'm thinking bad things will happen, I make situations seem worse than they are?  I blogged about my bad luck HERE.  I really do seem to have worse luck than 99% of the people in this world.

Lilly does not seem to have escaped the "curse."

This last week was a bad one for her.  Mean girls at school (I'd like to wring their necks) who stole her shoes and socks. (I had to talk with the principal about it.) Then on the same day, she was carrying her Gingerbread house out of the school, when she dropped it and it broke to a million pieces.
The icing on the cake happened the next day.
The Christmas Sing.
We all  (Jarrett, Max and I, my Mom and Sister) came to see her sing her 2 songs with her class.
One of the songs (the first song) was Feliz Navidad.

EVERY kid in second grade (around 80 kids) got a bell set to jingle during the song, but one.

Guess who didn't get one?


About 10 seconds into the song, she ran crying off the stage.

She came back on about halfway through the second song.

We caught it all on tape, but it's too sad to show. Ha Ha!  I'm so old school!  We got it on video, not tape.  VCR tape recorded video recorders are a thing of the past!
Here is a picture of her tear stained face and red eyes after she came back on.

I of course, went to second showing of it and sat through  6th -2nd grade singing again.  But it was worth it, to see her cute smiling face see me sitting front and center when she walked in, when she wasn't expecting me to be there the second time.
She had a bell the second time (her teacher made sure) and she sang and did a great job!
And I caught that on tape video too!
So sorry Lilly, that you got the Andrews Curse  but you have part of the Begay Good Luck!  (Bad things never seem to happen to my husband.....except when he's with me.)

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