Saturday, December 31, 2011

Homemade Christmas Loot

 I am quite pleased to say that as I have become more confident in my sewing and painting skills I have made all birthday party gifts for friends this year, painted a wedding present, made 4 quilts for baby showers, and made a quite a few Christmas presents this year as well.  The snake on the top was for Max.  He really wanted me to make him a "snakey friend" and was ecstatic to get it.  It's really the simple things isn't it.
For Lilly, I stayed up on Christmas Eve late to make this doll for Lilly, that I thought of making for her around 4pm on Christmas Eve. It's a Coraline Doll and although Lilly really has never, ever liked dolls, I saw her give it a hug and tell it she loved it and she carries it around all the time and takes off and and on her clothes and rain coat.  It's really too cute.
 I made these "sleepover mats"(pictured below) for the kids for Christmas, that I saw on Grosgrain back in September.  They showed them using like 5 pillows and had them sewn up completely.  Now, I could have used some cheap $3 pillows from Walmart but Lilly has one on her bed (for her head) that we bought maybe 2 years ago and it is FLAT!  I knew these things would get a lot of use and I didn't want to spend hours of sewing time to have them be ruined and non-usable in a few months.   Plus what do you do if they get dirty?
So, we have a ton of camping foam pads.  The kind that are like 3 inches thick.  My parents bought them years ago and my sisters and I used to take them to Girls Camp and when we did family camping.  They have been taking up space in my house for the past 6 years (rolled up under our stairs).  I couldn't bear to let my mother get rid of them, I knew I would be able to use them for something someday.  The proof is below!  Plus they wouldn't cost me a thing for them (They are like 80-100$ at Joannes)
I bought some $5 bed sheets and measured for days before deciding on only 3 compartments and velcrow closures on the sides.  (So the foam can be taken out and the sheet washed)

 Each section has 3 Velcro closures. (So 9 in all)

 They can be used as a chair for reading a book....
 Or lain flat to sleep on, or watch a movie.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun
    Wishing you a very happy New Year