Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monster Jam

Jarrett and Max got to go to the Monster Jam on Saturday together .  So I will let the mister blog about it.
 This picture is right before the show started and they were getting the track ready and we had some nice seats, row 13 away from the carnage.
Max's favorite monster truck GRAVEDIGGER! I had to get a picture of it for Max.

Almost ready to start!

The show finally starts!  The lights were dimmed down, thats why this picture is colored different.
 First events were the races.
 Loud and dusty, just the way it should be!

Max's favorite.

This is a cool go-cart.  The car weights as much as one monster truck tire.  The engine is basically the same horsepower as a monster truck.  The best part about this thing is it goes about 240-250 mph!  When the driver drove this thing around the arena, you could feel the heat from the flame even where we were.

This is a trip to the brains, the next attraction was snowmobiles jumping off a big ramp.

The best part of these shows is the freestyle, total destruction.

Toro Loco!

Bounty Hunter won the freestyle.

This was the best part of the show because its what Max always like to see, a monster truck crash.

Gravedigger was the last truck to go, but it was a big upset because the truck went for a cool jump, but it ended up upside down.  The cool thing about it i guess was Max got to see another monster truck crash.  After the show Max and I went to Carl's jr and came home with some good memories.

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