Thursday, July 21, 2011

Infant Patchwork Star Toy

So I saw a really cute patchwork ball on Pinterest and thought I'd try and make one and mine turned out to be a star, not a ball. worked out in the end because I stuffed it with some plastic grocery bags (To make that crinkly noise babies love so much) and gave it to my nephew who is almost 4 months old.  The flaps on it, that make it star like, are perfect for little fingers to hold on to, and for sucking on.  Here's how I made it:

First I made a pentagon pattern piece.
All 5 sides need to be the same length.  I made mine 2 1/8 inches on all sides.  You can make it bigger or smaller.
Make sure that the top point is in the center of the bottom line.  I folded mine in half to make sure it was. (you can see the crease mark below)

Next you'll need some fabric.  I used 4 different fabrics and cut 3 pattern pieces out of each one of the different fabrics.
You need 12 pieces total so however you want to do it.

 I laid my pattern piece down and pinned it, and then folded my fabric under 3 times and pinned again and cut once.  (I evened up the fabric (obviously) before cutting it out.  I just showed it this way so you can see the three layers)

Here's my 12 pieces of fabric.  (Don't mind the crayon on the table.)

Then you'll lay the pieces out like so: making sure there aren't any of the same fabric together.

Then start anywhere you'd like and put right sides together and sew away.  I lined my fabric edge up with the edge of my presser foot (1/4 inch).  I didn't pin mine together I just took it piece by piece.  Also make sure that you leave about a 1/4 inch not sewn on each end so that when you sew the next side it leaves some room for the next piece to be put together.  (see next photo)

Like this: (and the next in succession)

Here's how it will look when you finish a side.  It's already looking ball like.  Just place the two pieces that look like the one below together. (RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER)

Leave one side of one of the pentagons un-sewn (for stuffing) and turn it inside out so right sides are showing.  Make sure you push all corners out (this is where it magically turns into a star).  Stuff it full of plastic grocery bags (for that crinkly sound).  I used 5 bags.  Then fold the raw edges of the remaining un-sewn side in, and sew a blind hem or just sew it closed really quick with your machine. It is kind of tricky (although faster) to do this as you have to smash the ball down really hard while trying to feed it through the machine.

This little guy loved it!  It was perfect for his little fingers and mouth!  Doesn't my sister have a cute little boy!

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  1. what a great idea,, so many of the baby toys do have that crackly squishy sound now,,well done!! i want to thankyou for your comment today,, I thought I could use a palette knife , after I wrote that, just never tried.Now that you've told me that you do I feel like I just need to go for it.It sounds great,,I'm learning so much and I really more brave,, I'm really focusing more on watercolors now as my vision is diminishing and loosening up my painting,,thankyou so much for kind words.