Saturday, July 23, 2011

Timp Cave

We hiked to TIMPANOGOS CAVE today as a family.  The last time I went up I was 8 months pregnant with Max and had to carry an almost 3 year old Lilly up.  Much easier this time around!
With it being Saturday and all, it was very busy!  Although we got there at 10am our tour didn't start until 1:20pm.  What to do for an hour and a half until we needed to start hiking?  Luckily they happened to have a Junior Ranger certification program starting.  The kids got to be part of the Stop, Drop and Roll demonstration.

Then some guy with a golden eagle showed up, that was pretty cool.

Then everyone learned the "Smokey the Bear" song and while we were singing it Smokey came out and we took pictures with him.

After the kids finished certifying and got their badges (Lilly opted for a patch) we ate a quick lunch and started our hike to the cave.  The scenery was beautiful and I got lots of pictures for future paintings.

Here is one of the tunnels inside the cave!

Here is a terrified Lilly.  She didn't like being in there.

We parked next to this raging, beautiful river.  

An exhausted Max fell asleep on the way home.