Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Sew Ninja/Super Hero Mask

I made Lilly this Ninja mask for our video THE NINJA'S.  It was easy peasy and used up a leftover t-shirt that I had used to make Lilly a pair of SHORTS.
This first picture is the left over shirt.  I made the eye mask on that top part and over the sleeves.  But If you were using a whole t-shirt you could do it from neck hole to hem.

Next, I drew an eye mask shape like so, making sure to make a curve in the middle for the nose. P.S. the eye holes need to be closer together than mine shows.

 Cut it out and tie  it on.  Since it's made from a knit material (T shirt) it doesn't need to even be sewn because it won't fray.

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  1. Jennifer, you are so clever! What a great idea for old t-shirts!