Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Max's 4th Birthday

Max started the day with the usual Birthday balloons and streamers.  Then he went straight to work on his presents.

He got a new bike, a soccer ball and soccer nets, a spiderman costume and action figure and some Pokemon cards.
After we took Lilly to school Max and I went out to play soccer...Max wore his costume of course.

 Then he rode his new bike, in his costume of course.

Then after Lilly came home from school,my sister and her two kids and my other sister and Lilly and Max and I all went to JUMP ON IT.  No pictures but we had a blast!  Then we ate dinner and family came over for the birthday cake and ice cream.
My grandparents
We finally remembered to use our Tiki torches
 We were waiting for everyone to get there. Grandma and Grandpa got there a little early!

Max wanted a Bat signal cake so that's what he got.  I used THIS recipe for Marshmallow fondant.

I took a bunch of pictures of the cake inside and then brought it out for better light and while I was inside getting my camera someones little finger poked the cake.

Max got some more spiderman stuff, money, and a nerf gun from family.  Max wore his costume of course while opening presents.  He even wore it to Target to get last minute hamburger buns ( I love you Jarrett even if you did take the buns for max's dinner to work.)

 We stayed out until well after it was dark.
The kids all wrestled and payed Spiderman.  (Thank you Shaunie and Jake for the extra costume for Lilly)
Max had a good day and told me he wanted to do it all over again.  Happy Birthday Max I can't believe you are 4 already!

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