Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Sew Fabric Streamers

I can't lie.  This was not my idea.  But when I was looking at Walmart for some crepe paper to hang streamers for Max's birthday (and they didn't have any color)  I remembered that I had seen someone do this.  It was easy, fun and used up some of my leftover fabric...(although not nearly enough). All you need is a ribbon and some fabric scraps.  Cut the fabric into strips of varying lengths (most of mine were about 1 inch wide by about a foot long)  there's no need to measure or be exact, in fact it looks better if you don't.  Then just tie the scraps onto the ribbon.  Easy peasy.  Then you can save it to hang up every year for birthdays.  Although I think I'll need to make a more girly colored one for Lilly.

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