Monday, September 5, 2011

Pictures that Max made

I get really nostalgic especially when it comes to my children.  Almost to the extreme.  I hate throwing away things they've made or drawn in fear that I will forget what they were like at that age.  So I try to remember to take photos of things they've made or written so I can throw them away without feeling so bad.  Because I can't keep every paper that they ever make.
In Max's workbook that he does before bedtime it had a page that showed them how to draw different things using shapes.  The next morning Max drew these balloons and colored them.
 Here you can see he is practicing writing all the words he knows.  With a few people drawn in there too.  They are in the circled part.  Two  HUGE eyes, and legs and arms coming out of the eyes.  I love them.  He usually draws a scary mouth on them.
 Alphabet and numbers and I think he tried to trace his foot or hand.  The Alphabet is continued on the other side of the paper.

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