Saturday, September 10, 2011

We've got a jack O' Lantern

A few days ago Lilly came to me, with her tooth looking all Nanny McPhee-ish.  So We asked her if she wanted it pulled and she said not right now.  As bed time rolled around she said "Now I want my tooth pulled."  It's a ploy I tell you, to stay up later.  So 30 minutes and ......oh about 15 tries later it was out.
  Since Jarrett and I both have been (or still are in Jarrett's case) in the tooth business, teeth are cool stuff and worthy of a picture.  Just look at that shape,contour, and coloring.  (For six years of my life this was something I studied daily.)  I can't look at a tooth and not think about how to re-create it.

And yes, that is a Boppy Pillow behind Lilly.
Maybe she'll consider being a Jack O' Lantern for Halloween. .....nah probably not.

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