Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve- NewYears Photos

Christmas Day after church

  My Christmas present from my Mom was that she matted and framed (and showed me how, since everyone died before I was shown..thanks  Dad and Grandma) some of my paintings.  These two below were the ones I chose.  But now that I know how, I can do it myself although I am running out of room on my walls.  I'm going to have to do Gallery walls on every wall in my house.  I don't think there is a wall in my house without a painting.

 This painting has special meaning to me as it was the last painting I did, that I had input from both my Dad and grandmother.  It was the last time we went to Colorado as a family before I was married and my Dad was too sick.  So after 12 years I am happy to finally have it framed and hanging.

On New Years Eve day we hiked up to the Y as a family.  It was perfect weather for hiking.  The kids did awesome!  Never complained once.

Don't let Max's face fool you.  He had fun.  He always makes faces when we take pictures.

Here is the only picture of New Years Eve.  After dinner and movies and snacks, we came down stairs to play Kinect and watch movies.  
Lilly looks a little demonic and we have a bunch of extra furniture and stuff downstairs to make room for the tree upstairs.

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