Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Bad Luck

Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I have bad luck.  To the ETREME!  I'm not even kidding, or exaggerating.  To most people, when I tell them this, they laugh.  They laugh at my seemingly "funny" bad situations.  And they wonder why I get so worked up over"seemingly" little things.  Why? Because to someone who these "bad" things happen to them only once a week, or even 2 times a week, it would be.  But I'm talking, these things happen ALL the time!  99% of the time I go to the store, there is a problem.  Either in  the line or just in the store or with the stuff I bought.  About 80% of the time I buy something, it'e either  A) Broken or B) missing pieces.   I buy something just expecting it to not work or be broken.  I open all boxes before I leave the store.  It's saved me many, many trips back to stores.  Examples:

1) Glasses (Cups)  Suppose to have 4, nope not the box I got, only 3.

2) Baby stroller, nope missing pieces.  Sent in for the missing pieces ( because that's what the instructions said) twice, not once but twice, and they sent the WRONG piece both times.

3) Baby bed, missing the light attachment

4) Ultrasound DVD of Max, Nope nothing.

5) Easel, missing 3 pieces

6) Coffe table we ordered, wrong one when we got home

7) Washing machine, wrong again

8) Gazebo for backyard, missing and broken pieces

9) Fruit snacks, missing 2 pouches

10) Shopping 70% of the time, charged for multiple items that I don't have.

11) Fast food, always missing food

12)  1000 piece puzzle of a horse.  Yup.

13) I've actually bought a book that had a missing page.

14)  Missing toys and a notebook from Target.  That I paid for but didn't have when I got to the car.

15) Bananas missing after I paid for them.  The store people didn't believe me and I had to buy new ones.  Seriously people.  Why would I lie about bananas.

16) Missing game pieces.

17) Water guns, I've bought probably 16 over the past 2 years.  Not a one still works or ever did for more than 1 day.

I could seriously go on and on.  It doesn't matter if I choose the box in the front, back or middle or ask to get one from the back, Always.

I Always choose the wrong line.  Always.  Even if it's the one with only one person.  Always.

I've really come to HATE shopping because of this.  My own personal hell would be to be stuck on a shopping trip.  Of course this has gotten worse with kids, but kids or no kids, I hate it.  I'm turing in to my mother.   I'm going to start ordering EVERYTHING online.  Food, clothes, fabric, everything.  I'll never have to set foot in a store again as long as I live.  That would be heaven for me.   So if anyone knows of any good online grocery stores/ fabric store let me know.

It's not just with stores either.  It's every aspect of my life.  My blood work and other tests get lost,  I always save receipts because payments get lost.  I get weird sickness and "freak" accidents happen to me all the time.
Any who.  I have bad luck and this post is partly in jest because yes, I can laugh about it now and it's rather freakish that I have such bad luck.  I had a friend in High School that when, I would tell her about my "bad day" the day before, she would laugh and say "only you Jennifer, these things only happen to you."  So if you're like me and have EXTREMELY bad luck, I'm sorry.  And if you are reading this and thinking "boy I'm sure glad that doesn't happen to me",  THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS IT DOESN'T!!!


  1. That *REALLY* sucks Jenn! I'm so sorry! Did you get the link I posted on your facebook about the grocery guys? Well apparently it's for another State, so I'm searching again now. There used to be one here in Utah about 4-5 years ago but I couldn't find their website. Anyway, I'll let you know if I find anything!


    Just found this site- too bad Albertson's isn't in UT county! Anyway, look around on there and see if there are other options. Good luck.