Friday, May 4, 2012


 Once a month we go to my Grandparents house and help them out.  Either, cleaning their house or doing yard work.
It was our Christmas present to them the last 2 years.
We didn't go at all in March so we went two Saturdays in a row in April.
The Saturday pictured in this post, we did yard work.
Helping out my Grandparent has been such a blessing to us.
It's true that you are blessed by serving others. I always knew it was true, but this is just more proof.  My Grandparents always tell us what a blessing we are to them and how grateful they are for our help.  But we have been blessed too.  We've all gotten to know each other better.  
We have such little extra money to spend anyways, it helps us to not spend it on worthless things, when we are busy and out of the house on Saturday's.  
Keeps us from getting bored.  
Sets a good example for the kids. 
 Grandma is always giving me her old gadgets that she doesn't want/need anymore, but that I do.  We've received, toys and stuffed animals for the kids, a chop wizard, George Foreman grill, mixer, books, tiki torches and fuel, camping stoves and pots, and tools, and they always take us out to dinner, or feed us lunch or give us snacks and cookies.  We get peaches and apples from their yard too.
We would do it without all that.  We love going to see them and visit with them and the kids always get so excited to spend time with them. 

We look like a bunch of outlaws.

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  1. Fine. I guess you win Granddaughter of the Year! But seriously, what a great gift!