Thursday, May 17, 2012


I seem to go in phases here on the blog, and in life.  I'm going through a busier than crap phase right now and part of it is due to the fact that my husband is busier than crap at work, so more things fall on me to take care of.  He does his best to be home and help out, but not having him home during the day and  at night too, starts taking it's toll on me.  It used to be when he was gone at nights I'd paint, or blog or sew, but lately, I just want to sit around and do nothing.  Being Primary President has something to do with it too I think.
How do people fit everything into one day?  And still get dressed and put on makeup and make cute and healthy food for their children, that the kids seem to love.  If I made hummus, seaweed salad, onion slices, cous cous, or sweet potato star wedges, my kids would not eat it, no matter how cute it was put together.  I assume that they can't do everything every day either.  Our toys are not meticulously organized every night before we go to bed.   And so what if Lilly has gone to school without her hair done before, or Max is sometimes in his pajamas still at lunch time. Or yesterday's dishes might still be sitting in the sink.  I can't do everything everyday.  I just can't.  It is impossible for me to fill the role of mom and dad by myself everyday.  The kids get fed and loved, the bills get paid, and one of these days this phase will pass and I'll get back into the swing of things.  It will be summer and there will be one less place we have to go everyday.  School.
I do however love and listen to my children.  I make time for them.  I play angry birds, operation, go fish, memory, or busytown's I spy game with Max over and over.  I make sure they are read to. Every night. If nothing else, even if I failed at everything else that day I can say that I was the best Mom I could be.
Not that I drop everything and run every time they want something, I don't...but I do the best I can and try and make them a priority over the "small stuff " that doesn't really matter in the end anyways.  (Like those dishes in the sink, or the pajamas still on at noon....or later :)

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