Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is why I am Home

This is how a conversation went with the Max this morning and a good reminder on how I can turn an ordinary conversation into a time to teach and reminds me once again of all the reasons I am home with my kids.
I realize everyones circumstances are different and I am not judging anyone who works.

Max: I think when I am 9 I will be able to reach the Fruit Roll Ups all by myself.
Me:  I'll bet you will be as tall as me when you are 9.
Max: You're 9!!!?
Me: No, I am 32
Max: That's old?
Me: A little bit old.
Max:  You will die someday?
Me:  Yes, we all will.  And then I'll go back and live in heaven
Max:  And then you'll come down to earth and be baby?
Me:  No, I already did that.  We lived in heaven before we came to Earth and then after we die, we get to go back to heaven and see our our Heavenly Father and Jesus and all our friends and family.

Max started laughing a relief laugh and said:  I love that!!!
me:  So do I!

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