Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Evidence that its Fall

So I went outside today with my camera to try and capture some Fall-ness, and this is what I came up with:

Our Oak Leaf Hydrangea (which I love and hope to get more of!)

Even the strawberry plant is starting to turn colors!

These strange weed/plant/vines grow every where in our yard and this one decided to grow between our fence and the neighbors yard! Doesn't it look cool! I can't bring myself to cut it down, and it gets these cool red berries in the fall.

Here is a much more flattering picture of the vine thing.

Our petunias are holding on for dear life, and I love the fall leaves that have fallen into them!

Our pumpkin! I love seeing pumpkins on porches! Unfortunately last year someone stole one of our  4 pumpkins and with it my sense of security. So I put our pumpkin by the side door this year.  Two years ago we grew our own and those things weighed probably 50 pounds, so no one tried stealing those!

This is the tree behind our shed! It turns a BEAUTIFUL yellow  every fall and it's just starting!

Lastly, the remains of our garden. 


  1. Pretty pictures! I love the one of your garden. That's about how mine looks like right now!

  2. Thank you. I'm actually really glad I live in a place, where we get to have ALL the seasons. If I had to plant,weed and garden year round...I probably wouldn't like it so much. By fall, I'm sooo ready to be done! And then in Spring I'm all gung-ho about it again!