Saturday, October 9, 2010

Paper Mache Pumpkins and a Countdown to Halloween Calendar.

These are two of my latest projects and honestly I'm glad they are done.   These paper mache pumpkins were started a week ago, with a layer each day for 2 days and then, they were painted today.
Here is Max, making a weird face......again.

Here is the Halloween countdown Calendar I made. It took about 5 hours.

Here it is filled with candy! Yumm!


  1. What are you - the project girl? Way to go! It's all so cute!

  2. I have been the project girl lately and thank you Kristy and Jessica (and/or Jim). Now that the summer time weather isn't calling me outside, I have more ambition to do things inside.

  3. So jealous of how creative you are! I love the countdown calendar. Are you doing one for Christmas as well?

  4. Yes, I think I will make one for Christmas.